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HTML & CSS Website

These templates are experiments and prototypes, and are offered free without warranty for your use.

PopUp Grid

'1 page' responsive website templates

PopUp Grid

A grid based template with 'PopUp' menu for mobiles

  • Four colours:
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Red
  • Single Page:
    • Light-weight, no frills, responsive grid system.
    • PopUp menu for mobile views
    • PopUp menu can be easily included* in desktop view.
  • Can be used alone as a 1 page site, or duplicate and use the PopUp menu as a standard menu between pages*.
  • Dosis from Google Fonts.
  • Includes 'Font Awesome' icon font.
  • 'Template © 2018 CityDale' must be retained in the footer.

* To include 'PopUp' menu in desktop views, see line 543 in style.css

In conjunction with Branded Frog website and graphic design