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A little bit about this template

This is a single page responsive website. It is constructed on the principle of 'Mobile First' and as such has been stripped of any unnecessary images in order to make it light-weight.

It is primarily a template to take text, although images can be included to enhance the visual impact.


You may be a small business owner and wish to have a web presences, but don't want anything too complicated: then this could be the solution you're looking for.


This template is also ideal for a personal website or even the way to place your resume online. It could equally offer you the basic setup you need to share instructions or details of a public fate/gathering.

Displaying Images

Should you wish to display images, there is a folder for you to place them in: assets >> images.

Here Is A Picture

Although this template is designed to be light-weight, images can enhance the look, so here is one to show you how to add them.

placeholder image

Here's Another Picture

placeholder image

With a short paragraph beneath it.


Who made this template

This template is offered free of charge courtesy of CityDale, in conjunction with Branded Frog.

Terms of use

This template is free for you to use and adapt, however, we ask that you keep the links back to us at the base of the footer.

About Us

About CityDale

CityDale works in conjunction with Branded Frog bespoke website designers in order to offer you templates that you can manipulate and adapt for your own need.

CityDale can also help you with your templates, whether one of ours or one you have obtained elsewhere. We have competitive rates, so please get in touch to find out more.

We can 'tweak' existing templates, or give them a complete overhaul to suit your requirements.

About Branded Frog

Branded Frog offers bespoke website design. Logos/Banners, corporate identity, stationery, and website-wide graphics are their speciality.

eCom sites

Should you have a business website, our sister company MoJo Internet Marketing Solutions will be happy to help you, for not only templates but also hostings, domain names, SEO, eCommerce solutions, and more.

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Used to build this template:

Apart from our own desire, this template is brought to you with the use of normalize.css and Font Awesome.