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HTML & CSS Website

These templates are experiments and prototypes, and are offered free without warranty for your use.

Hammersmith Bridge

Three '5 page' responsive
website templates

Hammersmith Bridge Template

Inspired by a photograph of Hammersmith Bridge
in South West London, England

  • Three colour schemes:
    • Green - Light grey background, with tinted green bridge image
    • White - White background, with black and white bridge image
    • Grey - Dark grey back ground, with 'negative' effect bridge image
  • Five pages:
    • index.html - Home page with image 'Orbit' slider, and information 'boxes'
    • page1.html - Single column page
    • page2.html - Single column page with addition of left-side navigation
    • gallery.html - Single column image page with additional right-side navigation
    • contact.html - Double column page, with contact form on the left and location on the right
  • Built on the responsive framework Foundation by Zurb
  • 'Gentium Book Basic' font from Google Web Fonts
  • Includes 'General Foundicons' icon font add-on from Foundation by Zurb
  • 'CityDale © 2012' must be retained in the footer.

'Doctor Who' filler text from Fillerama

Please note that the contact form is only a 'dummy'.

In conjunction with Branded Frog website and graphic design