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HTML & CSS Website

These templates are experiments and prototypes, and are offered free without warranty for your use.


'5 page' website template


Inspired by an invitation to dinner June 1897 in honour of Queen Victoria

  • Tab top effect page links:
  • Five pages:
    • index.html - Home page
    • page-1.html - Single column page with 'blurb' boxes on the left
    • page-2.html - As above, with addition of double column text area
    • blog-page.html - Blog roll layout
    • contact.html - Three column page, with contact form and location/address area
  • Three separate fonts from Fontspace :
  • 'Design By CityDale © 2012' must be retained in the footer.

Please note that the contact form is only a 'dummy'.

In conjunction with Branded Frog website and graphic design